Screen Printing


We make screen printing easy. Don’t worry about minimum orders or crazy setup fees. Since we like to keep things easy for ourselves and give you a break at the same time we boiled down all the costs and calculations to a simple formula:

$1 Per Color, Per Side

That’s it, plain and simple. We don’t have a minimum order, and we don’t require you to buy in bulk to get discounts. The real cost of the order is the price of your garment, the printing is plain and simple. If you have a single color left chest and a two color back print the printing cost will be $3, plus the cost of the garment.

BY Shrug 02The garment choice is where you have the freedom to get a low-cost promotional t-shirt, or go crazy and order the hot new burnout fashion long sleeve scoop neck for the ladies. We always get you the best price possible for your garments, and can order any brand or style you want. We carry American Apparel, Next Level, Royal Apparel, Comfort Colors, Gildan, Hanes, Champion, Bella, Canvas and too many others to name. Get a short-sleeved t-shirt for summer, or a heavy hooded sweatshirt to keep warm in the winter.

Like to mix it up? So do we! Order as many different types of garments with the same artwork with no additional setup costs. Throw in one sweatshirt with a t-shirt order, get two or three different ladies garments to satisfy everyone in your office. Switch up the colors, the brands, whatever you want. With a simple color change we can put the same design on multiple colors of garments in the same order.


OC Paddleboard T-ShirtsPick a color, any color! We can print any color ink on any color shirt, you just tell us what you want and we can make it happen. We carry most standard colors in stock at any given moment, but if you have a crazy idea and need something different we can get it for you in a flash. For those extra picky color aficionados we can even match Pantone colors. Each color gets its own screen and with our simple pricing plan it’s just $1 per color, per location on your garment.

Printing bright colors on dark garments, like hot pink ink on a black shirt, requires an under base of white ink so that the color stands out.  So if you want dark garments be sure to work that extra color and screen into your calculations if you’re playing along at home. If you already have white ink as a color in your design, great! You won’t have to add any extra colors or screens for your print.

If you want to have a single design printed in several different colors, say you want black ink on white shirts and white ink on black shirts with the same design, no worries! That’s called a color change, and you don’t have to add any cost to the print or even a new screen, it’s just a single $10 charge to clean out the screen and change the ink.


IMG_1322If you want to get more bang for your buck halftones are where it’s at. Halftone printing means that we can print subtle variations in shade of the same color ink. The end result is that you can print ‘grayscale’ images and multiple shades of the same color ink. Does your design need black and grey ink? We can print that grey as a 50% black halftone and save you an entire color and screen charge! Halftone printing also allows us to print special effects like gradients and complex shading. Best of all, there’s no extra charge for halftones! If your artwork uses gradients or shades of color, we’ll automatically prepare halftones for you.


HoP ScreenWe’ve talked a lot about screens, and you might be asking “What the heck are screens?” Well, screens are what we use to get the colors in your design from the press onto the shirt. They are made of a fine mesh stretched over a wood or aluminum frame which has been coated in a photo-sensitive emulsion. After coating and drying, your artwork is imprinted on the screen in our darkroom using our UV exposure table and then washed out, dried and prepped for ink. Each color in your artwork requires a separate screen, and we use all kinds of tricks to make sure the artwork on each screen aligns perfectly when we register them on our press.

Does that sound like a lot of work? Well, it is! However, once we get your design set up on the press we can crank out a giant order of shirts in no time at all. We have two options when it comes to pricing screens:

Temporary Screens – $20
These screens don’t hang around after your order is completed. Once the last shirt is off the press, these screens are washed and reclaimed completely to get ready for the next job. If you want to re-order the same artwork, you’ll have to purchase a new set of screens.

Permanent Screens – $60
If you have a design that you know you’re going to be printing over and over again, we can make your screens permanent. We never reclaim your screens so when you come back for your next order they are all ready to go. Not only does this save you money, but since your screens are already done we can print your order faster.

Remember; screen charges are not per shirt, but per order. Screens are half of your setup cost, the other half is artwork.


Owens Pub IrishNow that you know everything about how your design gets printed, what about the design itself? If you have your own artwork that’s fantastic. If it’s already color separated and either high-resolution or in a vector graphics format you’re all ready to go, no art fees for you! If you can prepare this type of artwork for us you’re probably a graphic designer, and boy do we want to talk to you.

But what if you just have a photo, business card, old t-shirt, or any other design that’s only a JPG or other flat image? Don’t worry, we can help. Let us take a look at what you’ve got, and we can give you an estimate for converting your artwork into usable files for printing. All of our design work is done on an hourly basis, and the cost of your project will be determined by the complexity of your artwork. As an extra bonus, you can request any of the files we create for your project for free!

If all you have is an idea for what you want we can take care of you too. We can design custom artwork for any brand, business, occasion or event. Just tell us what you need and we’ll tell you how we can get it done. You might also be interested in our branding and logo design services, why get just a t-shirt design when you can get a full logo package!

If you have any questions at all about the process just contact us and we’ll be happy to give you the answers. If you’re ready to go right now, just fill out some info below and we’ll get started on your project right away. You’ll have fresh printed garments in your hands before you know it.

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